Unprofitable Servant


Matthew 25:30 “And cast ye the unprofitable servant into outer darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.”

The parable of the talents shows us God’s expectation for the believer is to be profitable for His cause. Sadly, just like in his parable, many of God’s children are unprofitable servants because they are doing nothing for His cause. It is a dangerous thing not to be profitable for the cause of Christ. You will notice in this parable that the unprofitable servant was cast out into outer darkness. In other words, God is saying that those who don't produce for Him will find their life in torment on this earth. When looking at this unprofitable servant, there are several things that made him unprofitable.

First, he stopped being a servant. The lord of the servant expected the servant to take the talent given him and multiply that talent. However, the unprofitable servant did what he wanted to do with the talent instead of doing what he was supposed to do with it. You become an unprofitable servant to God when you start doing what you want to do. It doesn't matter if what you want to do is not bad; if it is not what God wants you to do, it becomes bad. God left you on this earth to be profitable for His cause, and for you to do what you want to do is unprofitable for God.

Second, the unprofitable servant was wicked. Why was he wicked? He was wicked because he did nothing for his master. His master had provided everything for him, and he didn't take what his master had given him to use to multiply what he had. It is a wicked thing for a believer not to multiply what God has given them. It is wicked for the believer not to multiply souls being saved. It is wicked for a pastor not to multiply his church. It is wicked for the believer not to multiply the talent that God has given them. Never to build upon what God has given you is wicked because He gave to you to use for His cause. Living for the status quo is wicked because God gave you to use what He has given you for His cause.

Third, the unprofitable servant was lazy. I wonder how many people are going to Hell because of lazy believers who won’t go soul winning. I wonder how many churches are not growing because of lazy pastors and church members who are happy with what they have. I wonder how many ministries maintain the same weekly instead of producing because the ministry leader is lazy. If you don't want God to consider you an unprofitable servant, you would be wise to get busy working with the talents that He has given you to multiply that area where He expects you to multiply.

Fourth, the unprofitable servant was visionless and faithless. The unprofitable servant couldn’t see what to do with his talent because he was focused on himself. You become unprofitable to God when you have no vision to do more for Him and never act on faith to see a vision come to fruition. I know these are strong words, but God did not leave you on this earth to maintain the status quo; He left you on this earth to produce and grow what ministry He gave you.

Fifth, the unprofitable servant was unprofitable because there was no growth. My friend, God’s expectation for you is to be productive and to increase what He has given you. Anything less than being productive is unprofitable. Don't be an unprofitable servant, but let God’s investment in you be a worthy investment so that He can bless you more.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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