Wait for Your Hour

John 8:20
“These words spake Jesus in the treasury, as he taught in the temple: and no man laid hands on him; for his hour was not yet come.”

One of the hardest things for youth is to wait to enjoy each stage of life. When I was a boy, my parents were adamant about me staying in the age group I was in until I was old enough to be in the next age group. When I was twelve years of age, I wanted to go on the teen activities our church was having, but my parents would not let me go because I wasn’t a teenager. Even though most of the teenagers wanted me to go, my parents held strongly to the principle of waiting for my hour.

The verse above says, “…no man laid hands on him; for his hour was not yet come.” There were several times in Jesus’ ministry when He could have allowed the kingdom to come, but he wouldn’t because His hour had not yet come. Jesus understood that everything needs to happen in its proper timing and that every stage of life needs to be enjoyed to its fullest. There are several principles that can be learned about waiting for your hour.

First, every stage of life prepares you for the next hour. Jumping to the next stage of life before the proper time will cause you to miss something in your present stage that will help you in the next stage of life. As much as you would love to go to the next stage, you need to learn from the stage you are in as much as you can. Imagine if a ninth grader jumped to twelfth grade; they would miss many lessons that would help them in the twelfth grade. Just like we make young people wait before going to the next grade, you need to learn to wait before you go to the next stage of life. God will graduate you to the next stage at the right hour.

Second, enjoy the stage you are in because you won’t have some things in the next stage that the present stage offers. I watch many young people make the mistake of trying to enjoy what their parents have instead of waiting until they are their parent’s age. For instance, a young married couple doesn’t need to have everything that their parents have; instead, enjoy the simplicity of the younger years while you are in them. If you quickly pass up the enjoyments that this present stage has, you will one day regret that you didn’t take advantage and make the most of those privileges of your present stage that you are in.

Third, your hour will come when the LORD feels you are ready. Many young preachers want the national platform when they just need to wait for their hour. If we try to rush the hour, we will try to destroy those whose position we want to have. My friend, that is not what the LORD wants you to do. You need to wait for your hour.

When I was a young preacher, I went to my pastor with the sincere desire to do more for the LORD. I asked him what I could do to propel my ministry to make it bigger. He wisely responded by saying, “Bro. Domelle, God knows your name and where you live. When it is His time for you to have a bigger ministry, He will be sure to place you there.” That was very wise counsel for a young preacher who was trying to move too quickly.

Your hour will come. Until then, stay busy doing what you are supposed to do. When your hour comes, the LORD will place you on the stage of life for which He made you.

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