Watch and Learn


Mark 14:34 “And saith unto them, My soul is exceeding sorrowful unto death: tarry ye here, and watch.”

Jesus was in His final days on Earth, and He was just about to face the most difficult time He would have to face. He knew He needed time to pray so that He would not falter in His purpose of coming to Earth. He brought three of His disciples with Him to the garden of Gethsemane and told them, “tarry ye here, and watch.” The fact that Jesus told them to watch was His admonition for them to watch at a distance how he handled Himself in prayer. He was telling them to watch and learn how to pray. He was telling them to watch and study how He handled the battle that was about to come. Sadly, it says about the disciples a few verses later, “And he cometh, and findeth them sleeping…” These disciples missed the most important lessons of their lives because they were asleep instead of watching and learning.

One grave mistake of many people is that they miss what they could learn because they are not watching and learning. Many children could learn from their parents if they watched and learned instead of playing games or misbehaving. Many adults could learn from others if they had the character to watch and learn instead of inserting their opinions. Many people could learn great life lessons if they stopped trying to tell everything they know, which is not that much, but instead, they learned to be silent and watch so they can learn.

One of the great reasons God has helped me in my ministry was because when I was younger, I felt it was important to watch and learn from others. Those lessons that I learned as I watched others live their lives helped me as I traveled for twenty-eight years as an evangelist, and is helping me as I pastor my church. I watched and learned how others led their ministries, and I simply apply those lessons to how I pastor, and God is blessing because of it.

My friend, you will never learn to watch if you don't pay attention to what you do and where you are at all times. Keeping your own attention so that you don't let your mind wander is a lost character trait that keeps many from learning life lessons that could help them down the road. You have to realize that you are missing valuable life lessons every moment you don't pay attention. The one time that you let your mind wander in the church services is the one moment that God could be trying to teach you a lesson if you watched. The one time you allow yourself to get sidetracked from other things is the one moment that you might miss a valuable tool to learn if you paid attention and watched and learned.

Moreover, you will never learn to watch if you are not alert to study from every situation. Every situation in life is a lesson, but you must be alert and learn from those situations. Believers could help themselves be better Christians if they learned to study from their pastor’s example. Many soul winners could reach more people if they learned to study while being a silent partner with the more skilled soul winner. Many young preachers could learn much from the older preacher if they would stop trying to show how much they “know” and simply studied the older man of God and learn how he does everything.

Are you watching and learning, or are you sleeping? Don't let the critical life lessons slip by because you allowed the unimportant to sidetrack you from watching and learning.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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