Watchman, Declare

Isaiah 21:6
“For thus hath the Lord said unto me, Go, set a watchman, let him declare what he seeth.”

The watchman was a person who stood in a tower that was built with height so that they could see the enemy come from afar. The watchman was not to sleep on his watch, neither was he to keep silence because his crying might offend someone; instead, the watchman was to cry aloud any time he saw something coming from outside the walls of the city that could hurt the people within those walls. That watchman was held accountable to “declare what he seeth.”

Isaiah was one of the watchmen of his day. God used him to declare the coming destruction of many nations because of their sins. God specifically told him in the verse above to “declare what he seeth.” Had Isaiah not declared what he saw because he felt it would offend someone, he would have been derelict of his duty to declare. Had Isaiah not declared what he saw because it was not politically correct, he again would have been negligent of his duty to declare. Isaiah’s responsibility was to declare what he saw, and exactly as he saw it.

God still has watchmen today who are to declare what they see. Who are these watchmen? The watchman is every preacher who stands behind a pulpit to preach. The watchman is every Sunday school teacher who teaches every Sunday to people needing to hear the Word of God. The watchman is every parent who is to guide their children in the ways of the LORD. The watchman is every authority who God has put in someone’s life to warn them of the ways of destruction.

The question must be asked, what do we as watchmen see? First, we see what the Scriptures teach, and we are to declare it to everyone. If you are reading this devotional, you are most likely a watchman for someone. It is your responsibility to read the Scriptures daily so that you can declare to them what they say to warn them of the dangers outside of the walls of God’s standards for holy living. Any person who is a watchman for someone’s life and doesn’t spend time daily in the Scriptures are derelict of their duty as a watchman. Friend, how are you going to declare what the Scriptures teach if you are not reading them daily? As a watchman, you are to find time in your day to read the Scriptures so you can declare what they say to those whom you are responsible to warn.

Second, every watchman is to look at life’s consequences and warn those who may be walking down sin’s pathway about the harm and danger that sin causes. Watchman, you can expect criticism from negligent watchmen when you start warning people of sin’s consequences. You may be saved, but salvation doesn’t stop the consequences of sin. God’s grace doesn’t stop the Christian from having to suffer the consequences of sin when they commit it. My friend, how can any watchman see what sin has done to people and not warn others of those grave consequences? It is the watchman’s responsibility to “declare” what he sees.

Let me warn you; everybody won’t like it when you declare what you see. There are times when those you declare the warnings to will show their disdain, but you must still declare what you see. Let me encourage you not to let the voices of modern day Balaam’s discourage you from declaring what you see. If you love those you lead, you must and will declare what you see.

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