We Can't Help Ourselves


Acts 4:20 “For we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard.”

The pressure placed on the Apostles not to speak about Christ was great. The priests and Sadducees were losing their power because so many were getting saved and following the Christian life. The only way these people saw to stop the momentum was to go after the Apostles and threaten them to stop speaking. They thought their threats would stop these men, but they didn't know that they had embraced this way of life and that quitting was no longer an option. When they were threatened not to speak or teach in the name of Jesus, the only thing the Apostles could say was, “For we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard.” They were telling the council that they couldn’t help themselves. They had seen so much in Christ’s life, and they were so filled with the Holy Ghost that they couldn’t help but speak the thing they had seen and heard.

Maybe the reason many have so little to speak about Christ’s power is because they have seen so little of it in our churches. We live in times when many say so little about the Christian life, and likely it is because they are more filled with the things of this world than they are with the things of Christ. You will find that the more you see of God’s strength, power and miracles, the more you will not be able to help yourself but to speak about those things which you have seen and heard. Let me share a few observations about this thought.

First, every generation will not hear the works of God unless someone tells them of God’s past works. One of the great mistakes that is made is that we try to correct the past instead of passing along the past works of God; thus, we silence the great works of God in the past creating a generation of faithless believers who are filled with self-righteousness. For instance, I have seen the great works of God through men like Dr. Lee Roberson and Dr. Jack Hyles. It is my responsibility to tell the generation following me about those great works so that it creates a faith appetite for them to do those great works in their lifetime. Don’t worry about the backslidden, worldly critics who would like to destroy or rewrite what these men have done, but tell the great works of these men so that people can tell what they have heard.

Second, every generation will not see the works of God unless someone does those His works in their lifetime. One of the keys to the Christian life becoming a way of life for every generation is for every generation to see the great works of God. When the great works of God becomes nothing more than stories of the past, then the Christian life become nothing more than fairy tales to those who hear it. It is critical and vital that every generation does their part to show God’s power to the next generation. If the next generation not only hears about the great works of God, but they see it with their own eyes through your life and ministry, it will create a faith appetite for God to do something in their life.

Let me ask you, can those you lead say that they can't help but speak the things that they have heard and seen? It is not enough for them to hear about the great works of God, but they also need to see if for themselves. God’s power to do great works is still available today if we will just have the faith to step out and attempt the great works that we have seen those in the past do. Be the person who God uses for the next generation to be able to say, “We can't help ourselves to speak the things which we have seen and heard.”

Dr. Allen Domelle

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