Weak Spiritual Leadership


Exodus 32:5 “And when Aaron saw it, he built an altar before it; and Aaron made proclamation, and said, To morrow is a feast to the LORD.”

Aaron was never a strong leader. Though he was second in command, his leadership always found him on the weak side. It was Aaron and his sister who were critical of who Moses married. It was Aaron, in the verse above, who instead of standing against the people when they wanted to build a golden calf that capitulated to the sinful desire of the people. When the people demanded that Aaron make them gods, he should have immediately rebuked them and refused their demands. Had it not been for the strength of Moses, God would have destroyed Israel.

Spiritually weak leadership has always been the detriment of the church. We live in times when it seems that most leaders are capitulating and giving in to worldly believers for the sake of getting along. Nobody ever said that it would be easy to be a leader, but a leader is to do right even when those they lead want to go the way of the world. If we are going to save our nation, we must have spiritual leaders who have the strength to stand and do right and people who desire strong leadership and will follow, uphold, and stop criticizing them. When you look at Aaron’s leadership, there are several areas of spiritually weak leadership that I want to point out to you so that you can avoid placing yourself under these types of leaders.

First, spiritually weak leadership will try to please the people. Because the people stood and demanded Aaron to make them gods to worship, he gave in to their demands to please them. Being a strong spiritual leader will mean that you will have to make tough decisions and make strong stands that won’t always be popular. No, you don't have to drive people off to make a stand, but you must always stand for right when the followers want to go the wrong way. I have learned through life that if the leader will make a strong stand and won't move when followers want to go the wrong direction, that most of the time the followers will follow their leader. Stop trying to be everyone’s buddy and start trying to please God, and you won't crumble when the followers want to go the way of the world.

Second, spiritually weak leadership will be pleasure-driven. You will notice that Aaron had no problem with the people rising to eat, drink, and to play. One of the greatest reasons worldly churches are so popular is because of spiritually weak leaders who want to have fun and don't want to work. Serving God won’t always be pleasurable in the moment, but it sure does bring pleasurable blessings in the future. You will never stand against compromise and worldliness if you are a pleasure-seeking, pleasure-driven believer or pastor. Stop following fun and feel-good Christianity, and just do what is right even when it is not pleasurable.

Third, spiritually weak leadership will be worship-focused instead of truth-focused. The people wanted something to worship because they were sight-driven instead of faith-driven. Worship has more to do with living right than it does with church services. Yes, you can worship God in church, but the worship is not the church service, but the obedience of being in church. My friend, truth must be your focus if you want to worship God. Stop worshipping worship and start obeying truth, and you will find yourself worshipping God through truth-living.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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