Went Out to See

February 16, 2023

Genesis 34:1

And Dinah the daughter of Leah, which she bare unto Jacob, went out to see the daughters of the land.

The great mistake Dinah made that soiled her purity was that she went out to see the daughters of the land. I don’t believe her intentions were bad, but you never go out to see without seeing something that you should not see or meeting someone you should not meet. Dinah would have never met this young man with whom she lost her purity had she not gone out to see.

Many people have ruined their lives by going out to see. I think of a friend of mine that went out to see about a false doctrine that was going around at the time. He told me that he just wanted to see what they believed so that he would know how to better fight against the false doctrine. Sadly, he embraced what he went out to see and changed his doctrine, only to quit serving God eventually.

I think of Naomi who went to sojourn in the land, but ended up staying in the land only to hurt her family and her own life. Had Naomi stayed put and not gone out to see another land, her husband and sons would not have died in Moab, and she would not have been left alone.

It was Lot who pitched his tent toward Sodom, but eventually became part of the welcoming committee for anyone who came to visit Sodom. How did Lot stray so far from what he was supposed to be? He strayed that far by going out to see what Sodom was all about. There are three truths I want to share with you to caution you about going out to see.

First, it is not what you don’t see that destroys you; it is what you do see that can destroy you. Eve was more interested in learning about evil, and it was the knowledge of evil that destroyed her. Too many Christians are interested in investigating sin, but it is the knowledge of sin that destroys your mind and purity. If you don’t see wrong, you won’t do the wrong. Reading religious books by authors that don’t believe like you and don’t use the King James Bible will hurt you. It is the little poison that they put in their books that destroys you. Many good preachers and believers have compromised by reading from authors that don’t believe as they should. If you don’t go out to see the wrong, you will never learn the wrong.


Second, everything you see either hurts or helps you. You cannot see bad without it hurting you; likewise, you cannot see good without it helping you. If I were going to go out to see anything, I would rather go out to see the good so it can help me. You must guard what you go out to see because everything you see with either hurt or help you. If you don’t want to be hurt by what you see, only look at those things that would help you. By the way, this includes social media, news commentary, or religious books that talk about subjects that are only meant to stay between a husband and wife.

Third, you will never see the heartache of that which you go out to see. When you go out to see compromisers, they will never show you the tragedies of their way; they will only show you the glamor of their compromising and sinful ways to lure you into their sin. The difference with God is He shows you the end of your ways, whereas the world only shows you the curb appeal and not the inside. Never fall trap for going out to see, and you will never have the hurt that what you see causes.



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