What Giving Reveals


Acts 4:37 “Having land, sold it, and brought the money, and laid it at the apostles' feet.”

One of the hotter topics that can be taught or preached about is the topic of giving. I have found that the only ones who don't like preachers preaching or teaching on giving are those who don't give. However, I have also discovered that those who don't like the preacher talking about giving have a greater heart for the world than they do for Christ and His cause.

In the verse above, the church had such a heart for their cause that they sold their real estate and brought their money to give to the church. The church had grown so quickly that there is no doubt that they needed financial assistance to keep furthering the cause. This early church didn't let anything stop them from furthering the cause of Christ. When they were criticized as ignorant men, they didn't compromise what they believed for the sake of being accepted by the “in” religious crowd. When threats and persecution came, they didn’t hide, but they continued to propagate the Gospel. When finances were needed, they were willing to give everything they had for their church. The giving of this early church reveals much about the believer who is willing to give.

First, giving reveals your heart for your church. Matthew 6:21 says, “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” You can always tell if someone’s heart is in their church by their financial giving. You are investing or spending money somewhere, and wherever you spend or invest your money reveals where your heart is placed. If you are not willing to give or sacrifice financially for your church, you are revealing that your heart is not with your church. Don't tell me that you love your church if you are not willing to give towards it.

Second, giving reveals your belief in what you are doing. When someone gives to their church, they are revealing that they believe in the cause of their church more than anything else. If you believe in what your church is doing, you will want to invest in it because you will want that cause to continue.

Third, giving reveals that you value eternal treasure over worldly pleasures. Giving to the church may not make you rich on this earth, but it will make you rich in Heaven. However, you cannot give to God’s church without God giving more back to you. You will find that it won't be hard to give financially to your church when you value eternal treasures more than worldly rewards.

Fourth, giving reveals your willingness to sacrifice for the cause of Christ. When you are willing to sacrifice for the cause of Christ by giving towards it, you are showing your true heart’s desire. We will never impact our world if we are not willing to sacrifice our time and finances for the cause of Christ.

Fifth, giving reveals that you believe that God had something greater for your church. These people were willing to give so much to their church because they knew their church was going somewhere and they didn't want finances to be the thing to stop it. Your giving reveals your vision that God has greater accomplishments ahead for your church.

Let me ask you, do you believe in the cause of your church like these people did? It will not be difficult to give financially towards your church when you believe in what your church is doing like the early church did.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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