What Is In Thine Hand?


Exodus 4:2 “And the LORD said unto him, What is that in thine hand? And he said, A rod.”

All it takes for God to use you is for you to take the little you have by faith and let the Omnipotent God use it. God doesn't need what you think is great, but He simply needs you to give what you have to Him. God doesn’t need you as much as you need God to take the little you have and use it greatly for His purpose. If God is going to use you, it truly takes you using what you have for God, and He will take what you have and multiply it beyond your wildest imagination.

Moses had the same inferiority complex that many believers have. When God called Moses, he felt that he didn't have anything to offer God, but it is that mindset that allows God to use you. When people think that God is honored to have their talents is when God cannot use those talents; however, when someone feels they have nothing to offer, but they will let God use it in whatever way He can is when God turns the little into the miraculous. You can see this when God asked Moses, “What is that in thine hand?” God wanted Moses to understand that He was big enough to take the little that Moses had and use it to fulfill His purpose of putting Moses on this earth. My friend, whatever you have is good enough for God to use. Let me share several things it takes for God to use what you have.

First, you must be willing to give what you have to God to use. You may not think you have nothing to offer God, but you must understand that God created you with whatever weakness, characteristic, and “flaw” you have. God knows what He is getting when He gets you, and that is why He wants what you have. When you are willing to give the little of what you have for God to use is when God gets the greatest glory when He uses you. You have to remember that it is not about what you have to offer that makes you valuable, but it is the God that can take the little that you have that makes the little valuable.

Second, you must use what you have for God. So, you don't have much; take what you do have and use it. All Moses had was a rod, but that rod was used mightily for God’s purpose. You don't have to have what others have for God to use you; you have enough in you for God to use you if you will give it to Him to use. It is the faith to take the little that we have that God uses and multiplies for His purpose.

My friend, when you do these two things, God takes what you have and multiplies it in a greater way. That rod that Moses had was the same rod that Moses used to part the Red Sea, to smite the rock for water, to win the battles in life as long as he held it up, and it was the same rod that he lifted up the serpent in the wilderness. When you take what you have and use it by faith is when many people will be saved.

What is it that you think is too little for God to use? All God asks of you is, “What is that in thine hand?” He didn’t ask what was in another’s hand, but what is in your hand. All God needs is you. You will never know what God will do with what you have as long as you use what you have in your hand as the excuse not to do anything for God. If you only realized the power of our omnipotent God, you would realize that it is not about what you have, but about the power He has and His ability to use it mightily for His purpose. Stop holding back and give what you have to Him to use, and you will find that He will use you beyond your wildest imagination.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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