What Is Really Important in Life

Ecclesiastes 12:13
“Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.”

Solomon came to one conclusion after wasting a portion of his life trying to “seek and search out by wisdom concerning all things that are done under heaven.” When Solomon talks about the conclusion, he is talking that at the end of life he found out what was important in life. Many have thought they knew what was important, but when life concludes, you will know what is really important. Let me point out what Solomon concluded.

First, Solomon concluded that it is your duty to fear God. At the end of life, you will find out that fearing God is what keeps you from having to suffer the consequences of sin. Those whose life has become tumultuous are those who lived life not fearing God and discovered the heartache that it brings. Fearing God keeps you from doing foolish things in life that rob you of joy and keep you from having to suffer sin’s consequences. You will never look back at the conclusion of life and regret serving God, but you will always look back at the conclusion of life and realize you wasted your life if you choose to live life with no fear of God.

Second, Solomon concluded that it is your duty to keep God’s commandments. If you fear God, keeping His commandments won’t be hard. Fearing God has a way of making His commandments precious. You will never look at the commandments of God in a despising manner when you live your life with a healthy fear of God. Let me give you a few observations about Solomon’s conclusions.

First, don’t waste your time trying to discover the joy of life when God’s Word already tells you the end of every work. Solomon foolishly wasted his life trying to find out the meaning of life when he could have come to that conclusion had he trusted God’s Word. Many people waste their life trying to find meaning to their life when they could find that meaning if they would simply trust God’s Word. My friend, don’t seek joy, because joy and a meaningful life are the result of doing right. You will save yourself from wasting life if you will simply trust God’s Word.

Second, don’t judge a work by the beginning, but by the ending. Solomon tried everything because of how it looked at the beginning only to find out that it was vanity. If you don’t want to waste your life coming up empty, you better look at the end of where everything takes you instead of judging things by their beginning. You could save yourself from much heartache and sorrow in life if you looked to the end of where every lifestyle and choice takes you. Fulfillment in life is never discovered at the beginning, but it is discovered through a life of trusting God.

Third, no matter how obscure your work may be, God sees it and will reward it. My friend, God brings “every work into judgment,” even the works that nobody sees. You mustn’t despair and think that God doesn’t see what you are doing, because He does see it and He will reward you for the good that you do.

Let me ask you; are you wasting your life trying to find meaning? Let me encourage you to trust God’s Word. You will never regret trusting God’s guidance and instruction when life concludes. There are no regrets at the end of life if you live your life in the feared God by keeping His commandments.

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