When All Else Fails

Job 19:25
“For I know that my redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth:”

Job had lost everything. In this chapter, he rehearsed everything that he lost. He talked about how he cried to God, but He felt that He didn’t answer. He lost the position of man’s esteem. He saw destruction on every side. He said that his hope was removed, his brethren had forsaken him, his daily acquaintances no longer talked to him, his relatives failed to help him, his close friends forgot him, and his wife seemed strange to him. Job lost everything that a person could lose. He felt as if his life was almost gone and that everything had failed.

What did Job do when everything failed? The verse above shows us that he looked to the eternal instead of the present. The way Job made it through those times was by remembering that his “redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth.” Instead of looking to the turmoil that he endured, when all else failed he looked to the other side to see that his Redeemer still lived.

Have you every come to the point in your life when you feel that all has failed? Have you tried everything and feel that there is nothing worth living for? My friend, when all else fails, you are going to have to look to the other side and remember some things that helped Job in his darkest days.

First, take your eyes off the present when all else fails. The longer you dwell on what you are going through, the worse your life is going to get. The present always gives you a reason to be despondent. The present always has something bad on which to dwell. You will never make it through the bad times of life as long as you choose to dwell on the immediate instead of the eternal. The eternal gives you hope. The eternal never changes. The eternal helps to give you a reason to live.

Second, keep your eyes on your Redeemer when all else fails. My friend, everything else may be gone, but your Redeemer still lives. He must be the source of your hope. Because He still lives, He is still in control. You may feel like you are flailing in life, but looking to the Anchor of Life will give you someone to hold on to when everything is slipping away. When others forsake, you can be assured that He is still the friend that sticketh closer than a brother. When others leave you, you can be assured that He will never leave or forsake you. When all else fails, let me assure you that Jesus never fails.

Third, when all else fails, look to the other side. Job knew that God would one day stand upon the Earth and reward us for what we have done for Him. Christian, if you train your eyes to look to the other side, you will always have the hope that your trials will end. Some trials will follow you to death; but praise the LORD, death will be the end of those trials. When everything else fails, you can always look to the other side and realize that what you are going through is only temporal.

My friend, life can at times be hard to face, but there is always hope when you look to your Redeemer. Don’t let the hardships of life blind you from the blessings of the other side. Realize you can make it and that there is no reason to despair when you are focused on your Redeemer.

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