When Deceit is Removed

Revelation 12:9
“And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.”

The verse above starts in verse 7 which says, “And there was war in heaven…” What was the start of this war? I believe the start of this war is found in the verse above when it says about Satan, “…which deceiveth the whole world…” It was Satan’s deceit that caused the war to start, and it was the removing of the source of deceit that brought peace to Heaven.

Now, let’s apply this same principle to relationships, and especially the marriage relationship. The biggest cause of marital strife is deceit. Deceit comes in different forms, but it is almost always the cause of strife. Peace, harmony and cooperation always follow when you remove deceit from any relationship. This chapter reveals five things that happen when you remove deceit from the relationships.

First, salvaging can happen when you remove deceit. A voice said as soon as Satan was removed from Heaven, “Now is come salvation…” There is hope for any marital strife when you remove deceit. Any marital problem is salvageable if you remove the deceit. It doesn’t matter how the deceit happened; any marriage can be saved if you decide to remove the deceit.

Second, when deceit is removed the relationship is strengthened. Verse 10 continues to say what happened when Satan was removed, “…and strength…” Salvation and strength were the results of Satan’s deceit being thrown out. Your marriage will immediately begin to get stronger when you remove deceit. Always remember that deceit weakens a relationship; whereas, truth always strengthens the bonds of a relationship. If you want your marriage to continually get stronger, you would be wise to keep deceit out of it.

Third, when deceit is removed God’s kingdom becomes a part of the marriage. It is amazing how a married couple will begin to wrap their lives around the LORD when they get the deceit removed. One of the reasons a marriage gets stronger when deceit is removed is because both spouses begin to serve the LORD. Nothing strengthens your marriage like serving the LORD together; however, you will find that to be hard if deceit is a part of your life.

Fourth, when deceit is removed the power of Christ can work through the relationship. The power of Christ always works to strengthen and restore every relationship when the cancer of deceit is removed. My friend, there is always hope for your marriage if you remove the cancer that is destroying your marriage. God’s power can salvage every relationship, and it can strengthen every relationship when you stop fighting His power with deceit.

Fifth, when deceit is removed accusations stop. There were no more accusations in Heaven when Satan was removed. Likewise, there will be no more accusations thrown at each other when you remove deceit from your marriage. The accusations that happen in a marriage are all a result of deceit.

Do you want to have the peace of Heaven in your marriage? The way to have it is to remove any deceit and let truth be the foundation of your marriage and relationships.

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