When God Can’t Be Found

Job 23:3
“Oh that I knew where I might find him! that I might come even to his seat!”

Job found himself in a position that many believers find themselves in when they are going through tough times. Job felt as if he couldn’t find God in his life. He felt as if his prayers were hitting an iron ceiling, and that the words he prayed were bouncing back to him. He tried to find God in every aspect of his life, but in his perception he couldn’t find God. It is in these types of moments in one’s life that they must remember some important thoughts.

First, when God can’t be found, don’t get bitter. Job said in verse 2, “Even to day is my complaint bitter…” Satan would love for you to allow the clouds of trials that keep you from seeing God to make you bitter towards Him. Bitterness only makes your situation worse. Getting angry at God because you don’t think He is doing enough in your situation never makes a situation better. You must not allow your inability to pinpoint God’s presence in your situation cause you to become bitter and angry towards God.

Second, when God can’t be found, don’t stop praying. Job said in verse 4, “I would order my cause before him, and fill my mouth with arguments.” Job figured out that prayer could do more for his situation than bitterness and anger could ever do. It is at the altar of prayer that you decompress from the pressures of trials. My friend, you will never find God if you don’t spend time at the altar of prayer. Just because you can’t find God doesn’t mean that He doesn’t hear your prayer. The altar of prayer always recalibrates your life when your compass on God’s presence isn’t working.

Third, when God can’t be found, don’t doubt His love for you. Job actually thought that God was pleading against Him. Just because you can’t find God doesn’t mean that He doesn’t love you. God’s love for you doesn’t depend on your ability to feel or see Him. God loves you even when you can’t seem to find Him. Never doubt the unwavering love of God for you in those times when it seems that He is nowhere to be found.

Fourth, when God can’t be found, don’t take it that He is against you. The inability to find God in your life doesn’t mean that He is against you. Certainly, there are times when God punishes His children, but that doesn’t mean that He is against you. Even in God’s punishment of His children, He punishes them because He wants the best for them. God’s punishment is always to bring the child of God back so they can receive His blessings. Don’t allow yourself to get to the point where it’s you against God. God is not against you; He is for you and wants the best for you. Just because you can’t find God doesn’t mean that He is fighting against you.

Fifth, when God can’t be found, He knows where you are. Verse 10 says, “But he knoweth the way that I take: when he hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold.” My friend, God knows exactly where you are. The whole reason you can’t see God is because He is carrying you through the hardships that you are facing. You can’t see God because you are looking at life through human eyes. When you look through the eyes of faith, you will always find God. Trials have a way of causing you to live by sight instead of by faith. Your hardship may be tough, and it may be the greatest heartache of your life, but let me assure you that though you may not see God, He knows where you are and will guide you through your tough times if you don’t quit.

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