When the “It” Comes to Pass


Esther 1:1 “Now it came to pass in the days of Ahasuerus, (this is Ahasuerus which reigned, from India even unto Ethiopia, over an hundred and seven and twenty provinces:)”

The Jews had one of those bad days that nobody ever wants to come. The verse above says, “Now it came to pass…” The “it” that came to pass was Haman and his evil desire to completely destroy the Jews. The “it” they faced seemed to be a death warrant for every Jew. However, God had already prepared how to handle the “it” when the “it” happened. Well before the “it” happened, God removed Vashti to place Esther as the queen. Well before the “it” happened, God had Esther’s parents die so that Mordecai would raise her as his own daughter. The “it” was not overwhelming to God, but it was His opportunity to show His power and providence in the Jew’s lives.

What is the “it” in your life? Is your “it” health, family issues or financial hardship? Whatever your “it” is, you have to understand that God is as invested in handling your “it” as He was in caring for the Jews. Let me share several thoughts that this story shows us.

First, you will have an “it” happen in your life. Just as it came to pass for the Jews, your “it” will also come to pass. You will not make it through life without an “it” happening. I don't mean to be a prophet of doom, but I know that life happens to all, and the “it” will come to pass for you as it has come to pass for everyone else.

Second, God knows about your “it.” Just because “it” has happened in your life does not mean that you have to face it alone. I am thankful that the God who knew about the potential of the annihilation of the Jews knows about the “it” that is trying to destroy you. You may not feel that God knows about your “it,” but you don't have to feel His knowledge; you just have to trust the Scriptures that teach us that He does know about your “it” in life.

Third, your “it” may seem like your death sentence, but it is God’s opportunity to show you His power. It was a bad day for the Jews when Haman got the proclamation to pass that all the Jews were to be destroyed, but it was God’s opportunity to show them His ability and power to deliver them in the worst of times. The “it” that has happened in your life is God’s opportunity to show His power to deliver you in the worst of times. My friend, there are no hopeless times as long as God is involved in your life, and if you are saved, He is involved in your life.

Fourth, God prepared for your “it” well before it happened. Just like God prepared for the Jews well before Esther was born, God has already handled your problems well before they came. The intricate planning of God is that He planned the way out of your problems when He planned your life. God already knows how He will deliver you from your problems because He is the architect of your life. No matter what life tries to do, and no matter what you have done that has changed God’s plan for your life, He already has a plan to deliver you well before you faced your “it.”

Fifth, you must trust God when your “it” happens as you trusted Him before “it” happened. Don't stop trusting God now; He knows what He is doing in your life. The “it” you are facing may seem like a death certificate, but it is God’s work order to show His power in your life. Trust Him!

Dr. Allen Domelle

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