When the LORD Steps In

Psalm 94:17
“Unless the LORD had been my help, my soul had almost dwelt in silence.”

Have you ever felt that you were all alone and wondered how you were going to make it through the firestorm that you were facing? The psalmist seemed to be in this situation when he asked in verse 16, “Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?” There is no doubt the psalmist felt alone. There is no doubt that the psalmist looked for friends, but found none. There is no doubt that the psalmist was in a position when he felt there was no hope.

However, the psalmist gave the answer to his situation when he said, “Unless the LORD…” The hope of the believer in the firestorm is the LORD. The defense for the believer when everyone turns against them is the LORD. As long as you have the LORD on your side, it won’t matter what the enemy launches against you because the LORD will step in. Let me share with you how the LORD steps in and helps you when you face your firestorm.

First, the LORD will step in to help you. The verse above says, “Unless the LORD had been my help…” Humans are often confident that they can handle any situation that comes their way, but every once in awhile God allows the believer to go through something that the only hope they have is the LORD. My friend, if your only hope for survival is the LORD, you have a great hope. You may feel helpless, but your help can always be found in the LORD. You may have no resources to help you face the firestorm life is throwing at you, but if you are a believer, you always have the greatest resource on your side, and that resource is the LORD. You don’t need to despair when the greatest resource is the LORD.

Second, the LORD will step in and be your companion. Often, you will find yourself feeling alone when you face the firestorms, but let me remind you that you are never alone. The psalmist says, “…my soul had almost dwelt in silence.” You will notice that it says, “almost dwelt in silence.” The reason his soul was not dwelling in silence is because the LORD stepped in to be his companion. You will find that the presence of the LORD will often be your only companion in times when others turn against you. You will find that the one presence that will never leave you is the LORD. Let me testify to encourage you that the knowledge that the LORD’s presence is greater than having the sympathy of every person you know. When the LORD is your companion, He will fill the void of those who stay silent in your firestorm.

Third, the LORD will step in and steady you in slippery places. When the firestorm comes your way, it is often the reaction of people to retaliate and do things that make your situation worse. Fortunately for the believer, the LORD is there to hold you up when your foot slips. The LORD will guide you through the slippery places to keep you from falling. The slippery places are devastating for the one who has no one to steady their hand, but the believer has the hand of the LORD to steady them through those slippery places.

Fourth, the LORD will step in to defend you. My friend, the enemy may launch their attack against you, but the LORD promises to be your defense in the attack. Let me encourage you to remember that the LORD will be your defense when you face the assaults of the world and friends.

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