When Your “Darkness” Comes

by: Jason Watford

Mark 15:33-38

When you think of Jesus and His time here on Earth, you do not think of Him going through a time when the Father turns His back on Him or forsakes Him. However, in the passage of Scripture above, that is exactly what happened. This is the time when God would not and could not help His Son and allowed Him to continue on in His earthly life wondering where God was and asking His Father why He had forsaken Him.

In life, we have all gone through times in the past, present, or will in the future, when we feel like God is not there. We ask, “Where are you, God?”, or “Why have you left me, God?” That is exactly what many of the writers of Psalms, Elijah, and many others in the Bible felt. Jesus gave us the perfect example of how to act when our “darkness” of life comes to us. Here are five key things to remember when your “darkness” comes.

1. Remember that sin does affect you.

No, Jesus had done no wrong. He was perfect. However, He was hanging on a cross because of my sin and because of your sin. His “darkness” of life came as a repercussion of our sins. One may be in “darkness” today because of their own sin. The Bible states in Psalms 66:18 that if we regard iniquity in our hearts, the Lord will not hear us. However, sometimes, other people’s sins affect us. Remember Achan’s family in the Bible. They were affected by his sin. Remember in your “darkness” of life that sin will bring on darkness.

2. Remember that Jesus was in the center of God’s will.

Jesus was exactly where He was supposed to be and when He was supposed to be there. He had done no wrong and still had “darkness” in life. We can be serving God and seemingly doing all that we should be doing for the Lord, and still, God may seemingly vanish from us and our prayers.

3. Remember that those who are looking on and listening to us may not understand.

vs. 34-36

Jesus, in the darkest time of His life, cried out to the Father, and people thought He wanted something else or that He was talking to someone else. When we are in the darkest time of our lives, people will not understand and may not be much help. We want preachers, fellow church members, staff, and family to understand; however, sometimes they just cannot understand our problems and darknesses.

4. Remember that God will not allow other humans to stop His darkness on your life.

God is sovereign and will do as He pleases. Mankind cannot stop the “darkness” that God may choose for you to have in your life. Even though people may do nice things for you while you are in “darkness,” it will not take away the “darkness” that you may endure.

5. Remember that God always has an ending to the darkness.

vs. 33

The Bible says, from the sixth hour UNTIL the ninth hour. God loves His children and will always care about them. If God would put His own Son through a time when He wouldn’t answer Him, then He certainly will do the same to us. We must remember, God may seemingly vanish for a small time, but we must continue doing what we are supposed to do. What if Jesus would have quit midway? He didn’t quit midway, but He stayed on the cross and finished the work and the will of the Father. That is exactly what we must do as well.

If God never answers another prayer request or does anything for me again, I still owe God, and I still need to carry on for Him. Rest assured that if you are having a time right now that God seemingly is nowhere to be found, keep on going and eventually, He will be found. Just a short period later, Jesus went to sit on the right hand of the Father. Your “darkness” will end at the appointed time. Until then, remember these five things and keep on keeping on.

Pastor Jason Watford
Spring Creek Baptist Church
Seven Springs, NC

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