When Your Superhero Dies

Genesis 25:11
“And it came to pass after the death of Abraham, that God blessed his son Isaac; and Isaac dwelt by the well Lahairoi.”

Everyone has had heroes in their life. When you were a child, there were people you looked up to who you thought were the greatest people of all time. Many times a child will look up to their hero and consider them a superhero.

As a child, men of God were the ones I considered my superheroes. I know, the Pharisees who read this will say that we should keep our eyes on God, but children look to people as heroes because their faith is often not great enough to keep their eyes on God. A great example of this was Samuel who looked to Eli as a child for his guidance, and in a sense was his superhero. Many of these men of God that I looked up to as a child became my friend as a young adult. Sadly, but as it always happens to every person, these men died off one-by-one. The great works that God did through these great men became something that I first wondered if we would ever see again until I came to my faith senses and realized that God had not died and His works and blessings can still happen today.

Just like Isaac was when his “superhero” father died, many believers wonder if God can still bless them. The verse above shows that there is still hope for you when your superhero of the faith dies. Let me point out several observations that you need to remember when your superhero dies.

First, just because your superhero of the faith died doesn’t mean that God died. Let me remind you that there are truly no great men of God, but there is a great God of men. If you will remember that the reason your “superheroes” were used was because God used them, you can realize that the great works and blessings of the past can still be realized today.

Second, God’s blessings are for everyone. Isaac experienced the same blessings that Abraham experienced. God desires to bless you just as much as He desired to bless those you admired and respected. Always remember that God’s blessings are just as much for you as they were for your superheroes of the faith.

Third, the departure of your heroes of the faith from your life should drive you closer to their God. Isaac had to get close to God to get God’s blessings like his father got close to God. Remember that God’s presence can be as near to you as it was to those you admired if you will draw nigh to God as they did. God’s presence is not prejudiced to certain individuals; rather, He desires to be close to you if you will just draw nigh to Him.

Fourth, just because your hero of the faith is gone doesn’t mean the blessings are over. You can draw from the well of blessings that your heroes drew from if you will dwell by the well of the living God. Isaac dwelt by the well Lahairoi which is the well that his father built. The name Lahairoi means the well of the living God. The answer to getting the same blessings that your heroes of the faith obtained is to get alone with God and draw those blessings out through prayer. You will never experience the blessings of the former generation without drawing from the well of the living God.

Have you accepted the mindset that the great works of God are over? My friend, God can do the great works through you that He did through your “superhero” of the faith if you will by prayer draw from the well of the living God.

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