Who Do You See?


1 Samuel 17:24 “And all the men of Israel, when they saw the man, fled from him, and were sore afraid.”

Two different groups are represented in the verse above. The first group represented are the believers who live in fear, and they live in fear because they are focused on man. The second group represented are the believers who live by faith and see great miracles in their life. The faith-living group is so different because they choose to look beyond man and the obstacles that they face to see God. Interestingly, both of these groups heard the same threats, saw the same obstacles, and had the same God as their God, but the fear-driven group fled while the faith-living group charged forward and saw God do the miraculous through them.

Who you keep your eyes on determines whether you flee in fear or fight forward in faith. Faith living always produces champions of faith, but fear living always produces excuse-prone believers who always have a reason why they didn’t do anything for God. David chose to live by faith, and that is why God defeated Goliath through this young man’s hand. It all comes down to who or what you choose to see that determines what God will do through you. You can see the obstacles and man’s roarings and live in fear, or you can see the omnipotence of God and live courageously by faith. Your focus determines whether you live a life of retreat in fear or experience exploits of faith. Let me point out a few things that can help you to have the faith-focus that David had.

First, you can't see God when you don't walk with God. The men said in verse 25, “Have ye seen this man…?” The problem with these men is they took their eyes off God and placed them on man, and that is why they fled in fear. If you allow man to determine what you do in life, man will always feed you fear. What these men should have said was, “Have ye seen our God?” Had they seen their God as David did, they would not have fled, but the whole army would have charged forward to stand against Goliath. What is interesting is that the army of Israel and David both had the same God, but one saw man and fled in fear and the other saw God and accomplished a great exploit by faith.

Second, when your eyes are on God, your cause for life will be different. The men of Israel told David that whoever defeated Goliath would be given the daughter of King Saul to be his wife, but David was cause-driven and was not concerned about the rewards of man, but the name of God. It was David who said, “Is there not a cause?” David’s focus on man caused him to be more concerned about the cause of God than the rewards of man. Faith-driven living always causes you to be concerned with the cause of Christ; whereas, fear-based living always keeps you focused on what man can do for you. You will never do anything significant for God until faith in God is what derives your cause for life.

Third, when your eyes are on God, you see that you and God together are all that you need. Saul wanted David to try on his armor, but David refused the armor because “he had not proved it.” David knew what God could do for him and was not interested in trying Saul’s armor because this armor had never done anything for him. When you see God instead of man, you will find that you will realize that it has nothing to do with you that will make the exploits of faith happen, but it has everything to do with God to make them happen. Keep trusting the faith life, for it is the faith life that results in God doing great exploits of faith through your life.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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