Why Charlottesville Happened

by: Dr. Allen Domelle

The foolishness that happened this past Saturday in Charlottesville should not surprise us. Charlottesville’s events are not a result of racial problems, but they are a result of a heart problem. The bigotry of both sides is not because of Donald Trump or Barack Obama, but it’s because of the hearts that are vacant of the love of Jesus Christ. The riots and hatred that were on display this past weekend are only symptoms of the real problem which is hearts that are void of Jesus Christ. Saturday’s events are exactly how people act without Jesus Christ in their life.

It should not surprise us that these events continue to happen in America when we have pushed Jesus out of our society. A heart without Christ is going to act foolishly towards other people. A heart without Christ will look on the color of skin and hate people instead of looking at the soul that has no color and needs to be saved from Hell.

This past Saturday’s events, the foolishness of the riots in Berkeley, and many other incidents like this are a direct result of a Christless society that is continually being pushed upon us by god-haters, political-correct activist, and alt-left humanists.

As long as we push God out of our public education system, we will raise young people who only know sin’s hatred.

As long as we push God out of our government system and rely on a humanistic and godless approach to life, we will continue to see these events escalate because Christ is the only answer.

As long as we try to push Christ off the streets of America, out of the public arena, and out of all dialogue in our courts and political arena, we will continue to see these events occur in an escalated matter.

America’s problems will not be solved by guns, riots, political rhetoric, or laws that curb free speech. America’s problems will only be solved when you change the heart and soul of America. Jesus Christ is the only One who can change the heart and soul of any person. Let me remind you that the Scriptures say, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD…” (Psalm 33:12)

Christian, we can sit in horror and watch the mindless events like Charlottesville on our television screens, or we can go to the streets and bring Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world. It’s time for Christians to stop griping about the problems in America and become the solution to the problem. The only way to become a solution is to become a soul winner for Jesus Christ.

I challenge you to start recruiting your fellow Christians to go and reach your world for Jesus Christ through soul winning. I challenge you to become a personal soul winner for Jesus Christ.

I simply ask you this question; are you part of the problem because you are not telling others about Christ, or are you actively involved in being the solution by bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost souls of this country? It is only when the soul of men are reached for Jesus Christ that the mindless actions that we see will end.

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