Why Children Need to Serve the LORD


1 Samuel 3:1 “And the child Samuel ministered unto the LORD before Eli. And the word of the LORD was precious in those days; there was no open vision.”

I am very thankful that my parents allowed me to serve the LORD as a child. I was saved as a young child and led my first person to Christ when I was seven years of age. By my mid-teen years, I was preaching every week. Serving the LORD as a child helped me just like it helped Samuel. The verse above says, “And the child Samuel ministered unto the LORD…” Thankfully, Samuel’s parents and Eli all understood the importance of children serving the LORD. One of the great mistakes many parents make is holding back their children from serving the LORD until it is too late. There are multiple reasons why it is vital that you get your children serving the LORD when they are young.

First, children develop an obedient heart by serving the LORD. You will notice that as soon as Samuel heard the voice of the LORD that he ran to Eli. When you develop the habit of serving the LORD in your child’s life, you will find that they will have a more obedient heart than they ever will by living in the world. Understand that worldly children are more self-centered, and children who serve the LORD want to please the LORD; thus, they develop an obedient heart.

Second, children develop a tender heart when they serve the LORD. Samuel had a heart that wanted to listen to the LORD. The best way to get your children to develop a tender heart is to get them to serve the LORD and help others. Nothing will make a heart more tender for the LORD to use than serving Him by helping others come to Him.

Third, children develop accountability when they serve the LORD. Children need accountability. Samuel served the LORD by serving Eli, which means he was accountable to Eli. If your children are not accountable to someone, you can guarantee that they have things in their lives that will destroy them. Serving the LORD places your children under spiritual adults, which helps you as a parent to develop the importance of accountability in the heart of your children.

Fourth, children learn that life is not about them when they serve the LORD. You will find that the children who do not serve the LORD are more selfish because they live for themselves. Samuel didn't live for himself; rather, he ministered to the LORD. There is no greater way to get your children to see that life is not about them than through allowing them to serve the LORD.

Fifth, serving the LORD helps children to keep their focus on the LORD. Samuel kept his focus on the LORD, and that is why he was able to live in the atmosphere of Eli’s wicked children and not be affected by it. Your children have a better chance of turning out right by you pointing them to serve the LORD. When your children realize that their life is to do what the LORD wants them to do is when they get focused on the LORD and make His will the primary purpose for their life.

My friend, children can and should serve the LORD. Let me encourage you to get your children involved in your church’s ministries. Don't discourage them from serving the LORD so they can play sports, but push them towards serving the LORD. You can’t make your children have a heart for God, but you can involve them with you as you serve the LORD so that you have the best chance of them developing a heart for God and doing right.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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