Why Have I Found Grace

Ruth 2:10
“Then she fell on her face, and bowed herself to the ground, and said unto him, Why have I found grace in thine eyes, that thou shouldest take knowledge of me, seeing I am a stranger?”

Ruth asked a worthy question in the verse above when she asked Boaz, “Why have I found grace in thine eyes…?” She knew that she was not worthy of his grace. She knew that she was a stranger in the land of Israel. She knew that she was not one of his servants. She also knew that she was not a part of his family. Yet, Boaz found it in himself to show grace to an “unworthy” person, and that grace that he gave changed her whole life to become a part of the lineage of Christ.

The question that Ruth asked Boaz is the same question that every believer could ask. What have we found grace in God’s eyes? We are not worthy of God’s grace. We are sinful people who have broken God’s laws, and yet He still chose to exercise His grace upon us. We are not His children, and still we found grace in His eyes. Why have we found grace in the eyes of God?

First, you found grace in God’s eyes because He loves you. If I stopped this devotional right now, the thought that God loves you should be enough to keep you going for the rest of your life. God didn’t love you at your best, but he loved you in your whole unworthy condition. God didn’t love you because you deserved His love, but when you were unworthy of His love, He still loved you. God didn’t love you because you were good; instead, He loved you even when you were bad. God’s love is the first reason you found grace in His eyes.

Second, you found grace in God’s eyes because you are His creation. Of all the things that God could have given grace to, He chose to give His grace to you. Even though you may have destroyed your life in sin, you are still His creation that He loves. You must understand that though God created the world, and there was only one part of His creation that He made in His image, and that was you. It is no wonder that you found grace in God’s eyes because you were created for His pleasure.

My friend, no matter how deep sin has taken you, the grace of God goes deeper to pull you out of the mire that sin has put you in. Your life may be a portrait of sin’s destruction, but God’s grace can make your life a portrait of God’s love for man. Sin may have wrecked your life, and you may be reaping the horrible consequences of sin, but God’s grace is great enough to help you out of your situation.

Moreover, stop wondering why God would be gracious to you and let His grace lead you to forgive yourself as He has forgiven you. Far too many people live their life beating themselves up over what sins they have done when God’s grace has already caused God to forgive them. If God has forgiven you, you should be able to forgive yourself. Don’t allow the Devil to drag you through your past when God’s grace is trying to lead you to a bright future.

Furthermore, because you have found grace in the eyes of God, you should share that same exciting news to others. There are many people whose life could be forever changed if they only knew of the grace of God. Let me encourage you to let God’s grace in your life be the story you use to show others of how His grace can help them. God’s grace is the only thing that can turn a wrecked life into a life of value.

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