by: Dr. Allen Domelle

The question keeps on being asked, why would a man take a gun and start shooting at a crowd of people? How is it that a man could be so evil and do such things? When you watch the news media, politicians, and hear the average pundit trying to grasp at what would cause a man to do such evil, it seems like they always come up with the wrong answers.

Every time there is a national tragedy like the massacre in Las Vegas, people seem to ask, “Why?” The world seems to always conclude that it’s either radicalism, guns or psychological issues. It always amazes me how they want to go back and blame the object instead of truly getting down to the core of the problem.

Are guns really the problem? Is there a need for tougher gun laws? Is that going to stop the evil in this present society?

Do we legislate against the gathering of large crowds so that evil cannot happen? Do we legislate against cars so that people don’t drive into crowds?

Do we need to get a better grip on those who have psychological issues? Does the government need to get involved in determining someone’s sanity?

What is the answer?

I’ve watched the pundits grasp at what causes an individual to plan and do such evil. It doesn’t matter whether they are on the left or the right, they all grasp for the answer. They know there’s evil, but they grasp at how to deal with it. Sadly, their answer is always wrong.

The answer to this present evil is that we must put God back into society and into the lives of individuals. I’m not talking about any god, but I am talking about Jehovah God. You see, whenever there is an absence of God, evil will always move in. God says that we live in a present evil world. The reason the world is evil is because God is absent. When you push God out of a person’s life, you will always find that evil moves in.

The problem with this present generation and the problem that we are trying to solve will never be solved until God moves into the heart of those who would do such evil. Galatians 1:4 says, “Who gave himself for our sins, that he might deliver us from this present evil world, according to the will of God and our Father:” We always have to understand that is not a psychological problem or a gun problem; it’s an evil problem, which is the result of the absence of God.

You will never deal with the problem of evil until you move God back into the lives of individuals. We can legislate God out, and the more that we push God out of our society, you can mark my words, more evil will occur as what we just experienced in the Las Vegas massacre. We can try to put a Band-Aid on the problem and make more laws to keep guns out of the hands of the deranged, but you’re still going to have evil because evil is always present when God is absent.

The reason ISIS is so evil is because they have a god, but their god is not Jehovah God. Only Jehovah God can change the heart. Only Jehovah God can put a love for people in the heart of an individual. Only Jehovah God can put love in the heart of a person and cause them to never want to hurt someone. You see, the absence of God creates an absence of love for others.

The answer to solving the evil problem in our society is found by putting Jehovah God in back into society and into the heart of those who would do such evil. The only way someone can put God into their lives is through the person of Jesus Christ. A person must receive Christ as their Saviour for His Holy Spirit to move in. This can only happen if they will realize that they are a sinner and on their way to Hell, and that Jesus Christ is the only One who can save them from sin. This is the only way to remove evil in the hearts of people. If you put God back into the hearts of individuals through God’s Son Jesus Christ, you will find that evil will depart because God has moved in.

Let me encourage the Christian to help remove evil from this present world by being a soul winner and telling people about Jesus Christ. The answer to all of our problems is always found in the person of Jesus Christ.

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