Will Ye Love Simplicity

Proverbs 1:22
“How long, ye simple ones, will ye love simplicity? and the scorners delight in their scorning, and fools hate knowledge?”

Simplicity is not supposed to be a destination, but it is to be the starting point for the believer to add wisdom and understanding. Sadly, many believers believe they will stay simple, but they don’t realize that nobody stays in the simple stage; they are either moving onto knowledge and wisdom, or they are moving into foolishness and scorning. God never intended anyone to stay in the simplicity stage their entire life.

God asks the question, “How long, ye simple ones, will ye love simplicity?” This is the question I want to emphasize to every believer. How long will you stay simple in the work of the LORD? How long will you stay simple in the Word of God? How long will you stay simple in the area of ministry? How long will you stay simple in the area of helping others grow in the LORD? While you stay simple, the scorners continue to destroy with their scorning because you won’t take the initiative to become wise.

Why would the simple want to stay simple? There are three reasons why someone would want to stay simple. First, they want to stay simple because they don’t want to grow up. I’m amazed how many people just want to stay in a simple stage because they enjoy the foolishness of simplicity. I know this statement sounds strange, but you will learn from the book of Proverbs that there is not much difference between the actions of the simple and the fool; the only difference is where they are headed. You can choose to stay simple because you never want to grow up spiritually, but the fact is you do grow up; the only difference is if you choose to stay simple, you are growing into a fool.

Second, people want to stay simple because they don’t want the pressures of wisdom. There is pressure with wisdom because with wisdom comes responsibility. Many people just don’t like pressure, but you will never grow without pressure. One of the reasons you should choose the pathway to wisdom is so that you can grow in the LORD. My friend, life without pressure is a fantasy world. You will find there are pressures no matter which road you take. The fool has pressures from the scorner to continue their foolish actions; whereas, the wise have pressures to gain wisdom to help others. The difference is that one is fulfilling while the other creates heartache.

Third, people want to stay simple because they are lazy. The biggest reason someone wants to stay simple is because they don’t want to apply the effort to gain wisdom. Let me ask you, are you too lazy to apply yourself to gain wisdom? I hope not! It takes work, time and effort to gain the wisdom you need to help others. It will take time to read books, experiences of reproof, and character to learn from others if you are going to gain wisdom, but it is worth it in the end.

You have a choice; you can stay simple, but you will head down the road of the fool if you make this choice; or, you can choose to apply yourself to move on from simplicity to wisdom, and the fruits of this choice are rewarding. The greatest reward of choosing the road to wisdom and understanding comes in the investments you make in other’s lives. When you see others serving the LORD, the pressures of wisdom will seem so small compared to the satisfaction of seeing those you’ve helped serving the LORD.

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