Wonderful Great


2 Chronicles 2:9 “Even to prepare me timber in abundance: for the house which I am about to build shall be wonderful great.”

One of the reasons Solomon was so successful in building such a magnificent temple was because of the mindset he had about the work he was about to do. When Solomon looked at the task of building the temple, he looked at it with a great mindset. He said, “the house which I am about to build shall be wonderful great.” The words “wonderful great” are what established how he determined how to build this great temple. The word “wonderful” is the mindset of doing everything first-class. The word “great” is the mindset that there is nothing better to do than building the temple. In other words, what kept him from being sidetracked into some other area was that the greatest thing he could do was to build the temple for God.

If there is any mindset that you should have about the work of the LORD, it is the “wonderful great” mindset. What will keep you focused on the LORD’s work without being sidetracked is that the work you are doing is wonderful great. Everything you do for the LORD ought to be done first-class, but everything you do for the LORD ought also be the greatest thing that you can do in life. It is this mindset that will cause you to give your life for the LORD’s work.

Preacher, if you are going to do something for God with your ministry, you will have to treat your ministry as wonderful great. The only reason a preacher thinks politics is the answer is because they have lost the greatness of what they are doing as being a minister of the LORD. Certainly, there are political positions that can influence, but the greatest position you hold is when you stand behind that pulpit every week to preach God’s blessed Word to His people and to the lost. Nothing should take preeminence in your life than the preaching of the Word of God. No preacher would quit the ministry if they treated the ministry as the greatest thing a person can do.

Believer, if you are going to serve the LORD for the rest of your life, you are going to have to treat the Christian way as wonderful great. What will keep you from thinking that the world has something that you don’t? The wonderful great mindset is what will cause you to feel sorry for the world that they don’t know how great the Christian life is to live. No believer would ever miss church if they had a wonderful great mindset about the Christian life. The only reason a believer would miss church and be more involved in the world than they are in serving God is because they think the world’s way is greater than God’s way. You expose your mindset about God and His way by the priority you place on serving God.

Church member, if you are going to see the ministry you serve in grow, you are going to have to have a wonderful great mindset to make this happen. The bus captain and worker who sees their bus route as wonderful great is the captain and worker who will give their life for that route. Nothing will change the direction of your route like having a wonderful great mindset towards it. This could also be said about the Sunday school teacher and their Sunday school class, and the soul winner and soul winning.

My friend, do you see the LORD’s work as wonderful great? It is when you get this mindset that it won’t bother you to give all your time and energies to this wonderful great work.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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