Work Ethics


Proverbs 14:23 “In all labour there is profit: but the talk of the lips tendeth only to penury.”

God is a God of work. God doesn’t just command us to work, but He gave us the example of work. From the beginning of the world, the LORD showed us the importance of work. When God created the world, He was working. After Adam was created, one of the commands that God gave him was to work. God knows that there is value in work, and nobody will be happy without working.

The verse above teaches that it doesn't matter what type of work you do; it is all profitable. The type of job you perform is not as important as you working hard while on the job. There are some who work with their hands in labor all day, but there are others who work in the office who labor with their minds, but both are working. In a society that tends to try to get out of work, believers need to have a work ethic that shows the world the importance of labor. Let me give you several work ethics that would be good for you to embrace on your job.

First, don't talk much while you are on the job. You are not being paid to talk, but you are being paid to work. Too many tend to stand around on the job when they need to be working. As my dad used to say, “If you don't have anything to do on the job, pick up a broom and sweep the floor.” There is always something more you can do than talk. Don't use your time on the job to witness about Christ to all of your coworkers. The best witness for Christ you can have while working is to be the best worker in your company. Don't work harder at talking than at doing your job.

Second, work for whatever amount of time you are being paid to work. If you are working an eight-hour-a-day job, it is critical for your Christian testimony that you work ALL eight hours. In the digital technology in which we live, I fear too many people are playing on their phones instead of working. Your boss is not paying you to text and surf the web, but he is paying you to work. You are no better than a thief if you are texting on the job when you are supposed to be working because you are stealing time from your boss, time for which he is paying you.

Moreover, don't waste your time while you are supposed to be working. When your break time is over, you should be at your workstation and not stealing extra minutes by taking a longer break than for what you are being paid. You should always be to work early, and give your boss a few extra minutes over so that you don't steal time from him.

Third, be the hardest and most productive worker on the job. You should desire to be the one who can produce more than anyone else in your place of employment. The quickest way to get promoted is to be the most productive person on the job. It is sad when believers are the laziest people at a place of employment. Every employer should desire to hire a believer of Christ because they are the hardest working individuals that can be hired, and the most dependable.

Finally, be a Christian on the job. In other words, don't let the foul language and the lazy, worldly employee influence you to lose your testimony. It doesn't matter how much the world tests you with their foul language and temptations; keep your testimony for Christ. If you keep your Christian testimony, it won't be hard to be the hardest and most productive employee at your place of employment.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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