1 Thessalonians 2:12
“That ye would walk worthy of God, who hath called you unto his kingdom and glory.”

The Dallas Cowboys uniform has long been known for the star on the helmet. It was and still is the identity of the team. It was during Bill Parcells tenure as head coach that none of the rookie players could have a star on their helmet during training camp. One training camp he actually taped the player’s names across the back of every player’s jersey to remind each player that you have to earn a spot on the roster. His purpose of doing these antics was to remind the players that they had to be worthy to wear that star on their helmet and to have their name on the back of the jersey because of those players in the past who had worn the same helmets and jerseys.

Several times throughout the Scriptures, God talks about the importance of being worthy. God uses the phrases, “walk worthy,” or “counted worthy.” God wants the believer to understand that it is an honor to be His child and that every believer should live their lives in such a manner that they can be counted worthy to be called a child of God. Yes, you will always be a child of God if you have accepted Christ as your Saviour, but is your life worthy of being called a child of God. Certainly, no believer is ever worthy of this because of the fact that Jesus Christ gave His life for us, but God makes it clear that the believer can be worthy through certain actions. Let me share these actions you must do to be considered worthy.

First, you should walk worthy of your calling. In other words, you should live your life in God’s will. You will never walk worthy of God if you are not surrendered to His will, even when His will doesn’t agree with your will. God’s will doesn’t have to agree with your will, but you must accept His will and live it if you want to be called worthy.

Second, you counted worthy by growing your faith. 2 Thessalonians 1:3 says that the church’s faith “groweth exceedingly.” You will never be counted worthy until your faith in God grows. Your faith grows by serving God. You should know more about God and do more for Him today than you did a year ago. If your faith is not growing, you are not worthy.

Third, you are counted worthy by loving others. Is there someone you have a problem loving? My friend, God wants your love for “every one” to abound. You will never be counted worthy when you have a problem of loving others. It doesn’t matter what others have done to you that determines your love for them, but what Christ has done for you should determine your love for all. You will find it easy to love ALL people when you realize how much Christ has loved you.

Fourth, the fruit you produce will determine whether you are worthy. 1 Thessalonians shows that the believer who walks worthy will “abound more and more.” In other words, what you do for Christ does matter. What have you produced for Christ? Do you have any fruit to show? My friend, God commands you to be fruitful, and the honor to be called worthy will only come if you have fruit to show for your walk with Him.

Let me close by saying that just because you were worthy in the past doesn’t make you worthy today. Don’t let your past be the only fruit to which you can point. It is what you do today that determines the honor to be called worthy.

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