Psalm 44:17 “All this is come upon us; yet have we not forgotten thee, neither have we dealt falsely in thy covenant.”

Life is not always going to be easy. Bad times happen to the just and the unjust. It doesn't matter if you serve God or not; you are going to have hard times in life. The psalmist realized this when everything seemed to turn against him. He said, “All this is come upon us…” The “all this” that the psalmist is talking about is that he was put to shame, cast off, a reproach to his neighbors, the joke of the heathen, and attacked and blasphemed by many. However, after all this came upon the psalmist, he said the four greatest words that every believer should say, “…yet have we not…” Despite all the bad that happened to him, he did not stop doing for the LORD what he had always done. There were four things the psalmist didn't allow himself to do when the hard times came that you should do be sure to copy.

First, the psalmist didn't forget God. When hard times come in life, don’t forget the God who has brought you thus far. It would be easy to say that you are going to run to the world because God hasn’t cared for you, but forgetting God and running to the world will not change your problems in life. Forgetting God in the hard times only makes the hard times harder, but casting the hard times on God gives you the help you need to continue through them. You will never make it through the hard times by forgetting God in them, but you make it through them by getting in His yoke so He can help you through them.

Second, the psalmist didn't let the bad dictate his actions. The psalmist said, “…neither have we dealt falsely in thy covenant.” The worst thing you can do is to let the bad dictate your next action. Just because bad is happening in your life doesn't mean you should disobey God. Disobeying God because you don't like how life has turned out will never make life easier. Disobedience to God has never made one’s life easier in hard times. You should always do right, even in the hard times because you do right because it is the right thing to do.

Third, the psalmist kept his heart in serving the LORD. He said that his heart had not turned back. Guard your heart in the hard times that you don't let it turn back on God. Before a person ever quits on God physically, they quit on God in their heart. Guard your heart that you keep it warm towards God. If you don't blame God for the calamity that has come your way, you can keep your heart warm towards Him.

Fourth, the psalmist didn't pull back from God. The worst thing you can do when going through tough times is to lay down spiritual duties. I have found that the best medicine for the hard times in life is not to change anything that I am doing for God. The routine of doing good is the out to the calamities that you face because it gets your eyes off your problems by helping others with theirs.

The key to what the psalmist said is one word, “yet.” The word “yet” is simply determination. He was saying up to this point, or despite all these things happening to me, I have not quit on God. My friend, you have come this far without giving up on God, so determine you will keep doing the right things. You won’t make it through tough times without a determination to continue doing right. If you determine that quitting is not an option then continuing for God will be the only other option.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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