You Can’t Do It Alone

Exodus 18:14
“And when Moses’ father in law saw all that he did to the people, he said, What is this thing that thou doest to the people? why sittest thou thyself alone, and all the people stand by thee from morning unto even?”

One mistake many leaders make is they try to do everything by themselves to the hurt of their cause, organization, their people, and their own health. Moses made this mistake and probably would have died much earlier had his father-in-law not taught him the lesson that he could not do the great work alone. Moses’ father-in-law said to Moses, “…why sittest thou thyself alone…?” He then taught Moses the importance of delegating responsibilities of which I would like to point out to you this important lesson.

First, you will kill yourself by doing it alone. Moses’ father-in-law said in verse 18, “Thou wilt surely wear away…” You cannot do everything by yourself without it beginning to have an impact on your health. Many leaders have hurt their health because they tried to do it all alone. You can prolong your ministry if you learn to delegate responsibilities and allow others to help you with the load.

Second, you can’t do everything as good as you think when you do it alone. You will never be able to do everything to your ability because there is too much for you to do. Though others may not be able to do a task as good as you could do it if it were your only task, they can do it better than you can with all the duties for which you have to administer.

Third, it gives people a chance to help others when you delegate responsibilities. When you employ others to help you with your responsibilities, you are giving them a chance to give of themselves. Delegating responsibilities helps those you lead not to be selfish people.

Fourth, it gives you a better chance to teach people. Delegating responsibilities helps you to teach the leaders, which in return helps you to grow. If you grow by teaching leaders, you will be a better teacher and be able to help others better.

Fifth, it allows people to grow when you don’t do it alone. This may be one of the greatest reasons you need to learn to delegate. Everyone grows by giving of themselves. You will hurt the growth of your followers if you choose not to let them help you with responsibilities. People grow more from giving of themselves than they ever will by sitting and absorbing your teaching. Every person needs an outlet to teach to others what they have been taught. When you delegate your responsibilities to them, you give them that outlet.

Sixth, it keeps you in better communication with everyone. Those to whom you delegate responsibilities will be able to help you to better know how people are doing than if you tried to do everything alone. The greatest way to stay in touch with followers is by allowing others to keep you informed.

Seventh, it gives everybody a chance to be filled with the Spirit. The purpose of being filled with the Spirit is to serve the LORD. When you delegate responsibility, you give people a reason to pray for Holy Spirit filling. If for any reason you delegate responsibility is so more people are Spirit-filled, this alone is worth you letting go of some duties because the more people who are Spirit-filled, the more we can influence this world for Christ.

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