You Can’t Hide Who You Are


Matthew 7:17 “Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.”

Life is filled with judgments. Every day you make a judgment about people, and as much as society tries to say it is wrong to judge, they forget that God put a self-preservation defense system called judgment. You will tell your children not to go to a certain part of town because you know it is a bad side of town. When you do that, you are judging. Does this make you wrong? No! It only reveals your love for those you are trying to keep from being hurt from the evil that happens in that area of town.

We could use many illustrations about the judgments that we make every day to prove that everyone judges people. The verses above show us that God believes we should be a judge, not so much a judge of what people do, but a judge of what the fruit that these people do produces.

God says, “Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit;…” The tree is the life of every individual. Every person produces fruit. Your life and the life of everyone around you is either producing good fruit or corrupt fruit. The word “corrupt” means worthless or rotten. In other words, the fruit one produces is either good to help people, or it is worthless and does nobody any good. This means that the fruit in itself is not bad, but it doesn't help, and because it doesn't help means it is corrupt.

Moreover, there is rotten fruit also. This fruit is bad and should not be eaten. The fruit of a person’s life is either good or valuable to others and the work of the LORD, or it is worthless or rotten and does nothing for others or for God. There are a few lessons that you can learn from this truth.

First, your life is supposed to be helpful to others. The purpose of fruit is not to benefit the tree but to benefit everyone who comes to the tree. The fruit of your life is not to benefit you but to benefit everyone who comes around you. Your life will only count for something when it is all over by how many were helped by the fruit that your life produced. Those who produce good fruit will continue to benefit others long after they are gone to Heaven.

Second, if your life is not benefiting others for good, your life is a worthless, rotten life that is wasting the life that God gave you to live. A tree either produces good fruit or evil fruit; therefore, if your life is only feeding itself and its enjoyment, your life is a corrupt life that is worthless and rotten.

Let me ask you, what do you want to do with your life? Your fruit will determine what impact your life will have on this earth. Whether or not you like it, people judge you by the fruit you produce. You need to start producing fruit that benefits God and others if you don't want people to judge you wrong. It is evil to only live for yourself. The purpose of living is not to feed yourself but to feed others and help them become a tree to feed others.

Let me ask you; what does your fruit say about you? Ask yourself, is my life producing good fruit, fruit that benefits others, or is my life producing evil fruit, fruit that is worthless and rotten? My friend, you are not being what God created you to be by living for yourself. Fulfillment in life comes from living to help others, and anything else you live your life for will only leave you feeling your life is worthless and rotten.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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