You Will Get Noticed


1 Kings 19:19 “So he departed thence, and found Elisha the son of Shaphat, who was plowing with twelve yoke of oxen before him, and he with the twelfth: and Elijah passed by him, and cast his mantle upon him.”

When God was looking for someone to replace the prophet Elijah, He didn't look for someone waiting for the older generation to reach out before they would jump into the work of God, but He used someone who was busy working. This has always been how God calls those He plans on using. Joshua was not complaining about how the older generation treated him, but he followed the preacher everywhere he went and helped him with every task that needed to be completed, and that is why God called him to lead Israel after Moses went to Heaven. Joseph didn't have anyone who took him under their wings to encourage him, but God still chose him to be the great leader that he became. Why? God chose him because he worked hard through every situation life threw at him, and his work caused him to be noticed by God. The Scriptures are filled with illustrations just like these.

When I was a young preacher, I had nobody promote me or my ministry. I came from a small church, my father was not a well-known pastor, I didn't travel with any well-known evangelist to get known, and I literally had a well-known preacher at the time tell me that I would never make it. I didn't complain about my situation, nor did I whine about the older generation not reaching out to help me. Instead, I worked hard as a young evangelist, won souls to Christ weekly, got young people excited about going to a certain Bible college, and what happened was I got noticed by others who wanted me to be a part of their ministries.

My friend, the best way to get noticed is to get busy doing what you are supposed to do. To the younger generation, I am not against you, but prove yourself by getting results. Stop worrying about getting followers on social media, and get busy serving the LORD and bringing people to church, and you will get noticed. Producers will get noticed. You don't have to advertise yourself if you do something for God because your works will speak for you. You can sit and complain about the older generation not reaching out, but why should they reach out and invest in someone who is not doing something? The older generation doesn't have much time, and they want to invest in those who are presently doing something. Stop correcting the older generation and simply get busy doing something great for God, and you and the older generation will become a great team together.

Moreover, if you want to be noticed in your church, start bringing people to church and leading people to Christ every week, and you will get noticed. Instead of waiting for your Pastor to promote you, bring enough people to church so that he has to start a Sunday school class. I bet I know who he will make the teacher of that class, YOU! Stop worrying about getting a staff position or being recognized in your church and just get busy bringing people to church and helping them become productive members, and you will get noticed.

Results of souls being saved and people being brought to church regularly is the greatest resume that will separate you from everyone else. God doesn't promote the lazy, but He promotes the productive. If you want to get noticed, get busy producing for God, and you will be noticed and promoted.

Dr. Allen Domelle

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