Your Approval Ratings

2 Corinthians 6:4
“But in all things approving ourselves as the ministers of God, in much patience, in afflictions, in necessities, in distresses,”

The approval ratings of a President are based on the President’s likability and the success of his policies in helping the people. Many presidents use their approval ratings to help them to get their policies approved, or to help them get reelected to office. Whether or not the approval ratings are indicative of the President’s accomplishments, they are important to his ability to lead the country.

Likewise, your approval ratings as a believer are important to how much you can influence others for Christ. Though there are no actual statistics that dictate your approval ratings, your ability to influence others is often the greatest indicator of your approval ratings. Paul said, “But in all things approving ourselves as the ministers of God…” Paul knew that your “likability” or approval ratings will dictate what God can do through you. In this chapter, several things are shown what influences your approval ratings as a believer.

First, patience with others dictates your approval ratings. If you are impatient with people, you will quickly find that you won’t be able to help others. Being patient with the shortcomings of others will determine your ability to be a life-changer.

Second, dealing with trials dictates your approval ratings. Others are watching to see if you are real, and often the greatest indicator of your trust in God is how you face and deal with trials. Don’t expect to be an influence for Christ if you quickly quit in the day of trials.

Third, how you face persecution will dictate your approval ratings. Suffering persecution and keeping a good spirit often shows your belief in the veracity of the Christian life. God will never be able to use you greatly if a little criticism stops you from serving Him. You are going to be criticized and attacked when you serve the LORD, but if you are going to help others, you must not take these attacks personally.

Fourth, pure living dictates your approval ratings. You can’t expect people to want your Christianity when you’re living in immorality. Pure living gives credibility to the believer who testifies about the joy which comes from living for God. You have no authority to tell others to walk the Christian walk if your footprints are found in the world’s pathway. Having a pure life will help you to influence others to live right.

Fifth, your treatment of others will influence your approval ratings. You can’t treat others bad and expect them to listen to you about the importance of treating others like Christ would treat them. The best way to increase your likability with others is to treat everyone the same way the LORD would treat them if He were walking in your shoes.

Sixth, your testimony dictates your approval ratings. What others say about you is important to your ability to influence others. People talk about you whether or not you like it; therefore, you must live a clean life so that your testimony for Christ is the only thing they can talk about.

Seventh, the power of God on your life will dictate your approval ratings. Nothing will help you influence others for Christ more than having the power of God on your life. My friend, your approval ratings will dictate your ability to influence others, but the power of God on your life will overshadow what shortcomings you may have.

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