Your Time Will Come

Daniel 2:48

“Then the king made Daniel a great man, and gave him many great gifts, and made him ruler over the whole province of Babylon, and chief of the governors over all the wise men of Babylon.”

One of the greatest truths in the Book of Daniel is often missed because of the miraculous stories that this book contains. We all like the story of Daniel and the three Hebrew children when they said that they would not eat of the king’s meat, and God came through and blessed these four young men. We love the story of the three Hebrew children not bowing to Nebuchadnezzar’s image and being thrown into the fiery furnace only to have God’s intervention to save them. We enjoy reading the story of Daniel’s unwavering stance of prayer and continuing his praying habit in spite of the king’s decree which resulted in him being thrown into the lion’s den only to have God shut the mouth’s of lions.

We love these stories, but one of the greatest truths missed is found in the verse above. After Daniel and the three Hebrew children interpreted a dream that none of the other wise men and astrologers of the country could interpret, it was Daniel who was the one whom the king promoted. Hold on; the other three men were just as instrumental in the dream being interpreted, but they seemed to be overlooked. Even when Daniel requested that they be promoted, they still were not the ones whom the king promoted.

The spirit of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego could be the greatest thing about these men. These men could have easily become bitter because they were just as responsible for the dream being interpreted as Daniel was, but they didn’t let it affect their spirit. They understood their time would come and that God could promote them whenever He chose to do so. Some very valuable lessons can be learned from the spirit of these men.

First, never let the promotion of someone over you defeat your spirit. Anyone who has been involved in life can remember a time when they were the one who gave the ideas and made something happen only to be passed up for a promotion. My friend, if your spirit stays right only when you are being promoted and cheered, your spirit isn’t truly right. A right spirit doesn’t care about titles and promotion, but a right spirit is concerned with doing right even when it doesn’t get recognized. If you are taking a stand or doing right for the purpose of recognition, you are not really doing right nor are you taking a stand. What you are doing is you are grandstanding in hopes that you will be recognized.

Second, always remember that God will promote you in His timing. God’s timing of promotion is always better than yours. It was after the three Hebrew children endured the fiery furnace that they were promoted. God may choose to hold you back from promotion because He has a better way to promote you that will bring greater glory to Him. Don’t let the continual passing over of what you do be the tool that Satan uses to discourage you and cause you to quit.

Third, always remember those who helped you get to where you are when you do get promoted. What I love about Daniel is that when he got promoted, he asked the king to promote his friends. You never get to where you are by yourself; someone else has invested in you to help you get there. Let your promotion be a tool to honor those who helped you achieve what you have achieved.

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